Finantial Services

The Financial Services of M3 provides comprehensive advice to facilitate its clients real estate needs in relation to issues such as funding, recruitment, taxation, insurances and real estate investment.
M3’s financial department provides the following services:

    • We consider and evaluate the developments’ needs and potential sources of funding and negotiate the necessary credit to be able to occasionally access the monies required for the construction and management of the entire project.
    • Perform economic feasibility studies of the developments.
    • Evaluate and manage sources of finance.
    • Tax consulting and accounting services.
    • Management of all issues involving the financial institutions.
    • Collections and payment management.
    • Buyer´s financial information monitoring and their relationship with the banks.
    • Invoice receipt, verification, approval and accounting.
    • Monitoring and reconciling accounts with creditors.
    • Balance cancellation through the established payment systems.
    • Document posting.
    • Cost control and correct allocation.
    • Planning, analysis, control and monitoring of investments.
    • Reporting and information systems.