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Urban Development

The original plot offering the potential to be developed for estate purposes can be found at different stages depending on the degree of urban development which has already occurred.

At M3 Real Estate, working together with a team of the best architects and lawyers in our town planning division, we manage the land development of any type of plot to reach the desired condition and be able to carry out construction. In some cases, this process can be simple and rapid while in other cases it can be more complex and time-consuming. Proper planning of urban management is required to simplify administrative procedures and speed up the process of obtaining the necessary permits.

The urban documentation involved at this stage is:

  • Modifications to the PGOU, ( The General Urban Development Plan) and NNSS (Urban planning subsidiary rules )
  • Partial Plans
  • Special Plans
  • Detailed Studies
  • Urban development programs
  • Urban Planning Agreements
  • Constitution of Board of Approval
  • Land Subdivision
  • Urban Development Projects

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