Project Monitoring Services


The secret to any successful business lies in correct pre-planning.

In the real estate sector, the development of a comprehensive study which confirms the feasibility of the transaction, the amount of investment, profit margins and overall timetable is necessary.

With M3 Real Estate, our customers can be assured that, on the one hand legislation permits that particular type of product for development and, on the other hand, the product on offer meets market demand at the appropriate quality and price. Clients will receive a comprehensive market report resulting from an economic feasibility study based on a detailed analysis of the revenues and expenditures that will result in a successful business deal.

M3 Real Estate will establish a schedule and calculate the necessary cash flows for each stage of the process. This will guarantee, at any point, that the transaction is not loss-making and all expenditure was perfectly planned from the start.

The transaction will only be approved when all the indicators at this particular stage will clearly reflect this. Defined objectives and the methodology used, as well as guaranteed feasibility, ensure the development will be a success.