Project Monitoring Services


Any property development requires technical projects’ planning which define the construction of the buildings. The projects’ results directly affect the final quality of the building, its aesthetics and the cost of the investment.

At M3 Real Estate we ensure the quality of the projects we manage, that they meet the objectives set during the Envisioning stage and that they comply with current regulations.

There are two stages of project development: The Basic Design and Final Design.

Basic Design: the work stage when the general characteristics of the construction work are clearly established by the adoption of specific solutions. Its resolution is sufficient to permit a request for a building permit from the municipality, but not enough to start the building construction.

Final Design: the work stage when the Basic design is being realised, all details specified as well as all the materials, components and the construction systems.

Once the projects are ready, M3 Real Estate manages all the arrangements required to obtain all necessary administrative licenses that enable the beginning of the construction works.