Project Drafting and Technical Advice

M3 covers the complete management of the building process. Our team of architects, building supervisors, engineers, draftsmen and project managers handle the drafting of all kind of architecture and urban development projects.
We deal with the preparation of projects, the required reports and technical documentation, as well as licensing and the signing of contracts with the construction company.

In addition, we manage the supervision of the work, ensuring compliance with its planning and quality of the final work delivered.

We also provide technical and urban development advice, handling all necessary arrangements with public bodies.



Among others, we provide the following services:

  • Development of planning figures.
  • Soil viability analysis
  • Urban planning and building project development.
  • Optional management of building process
  • Preparing of all kind of reports: expert, ITE, EEC (European Economic Community) etc.
  • Budgeting and coordination of guilds.
  • Decoration projects.
  • Calculation of facilities and structures.